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Microsoft Excel Training, Classes, Workshops and Webinars

100 customized hands on training for your organization. One-on-one, small workshops, classes, seminars and webinars in Microsoft Excel, Access, Office, and SQL Server. As Microsoft Certified Excel and Access experts we first evaluate your staff’s skills and needs, we then develop the materials specifically for them, and once that is set  we conduct the training. We do not use canned training materials, and we do not hire trainers, our experts all do it all in-house.


Expert Excel Consultants Check Mark Our Excel instructors are Microsoft Excel MVPs and Access MVPs and Collegiate Excel Instructors.
Expert Excel Consultants Check Mark Our Training sessions are custom tailored to your exact needs.
Expert Excel Consultants Check Mark

Our Classes are affordable.


  • Our Excel and Access Instructors know Excel and Access inside out.
  • We do not overcharge for our services.
  • There is no middle man, we market the training, we do the training, and we are available to work with you. One source for all of your Excel and Access needs.
  • The more attendees to the class the lower the per individual rate.
  • We give you the Excel and Access workbooks used in the training, with additional instructions for later learning.
  • Our students leave the class knowing Excel and Access. Knowledge that they can immediately apply to their work
  • We will teach your staff exactly what they need to know and nothing more.
  • If you really want to learn how to use Excel, go to the expert Excel Consultants at ExpertExcelConsultants.Com.


Always Hands On, Always Personable, and Always Enjoyable = Effective



An example of our training materilas for our ongoing Apple VBA training program


An example of our training materilas for our Zimmer Excel program



An example of our training materials for our Excel for Small Business college program currently running in over 50 community colleges across the country