Certified Excel Services


We Provide Microsoft Certified Excel Consulting, Programming and Training Services.

For the past 25 years of operation we have been providing Microsoft Excel based solutions to local organizations in Orange County California, Manhattan New York, London England, and everyplace between. It is based on our Microsoft Certified Excel consulting, programming and training services that have helped us to work with thousands of clients, including Microsoft themselves.


At Expert Excel Consultants we provide professional consulting services in Microsoft Excel to organizations across the globe. Our Excel services include consulting, vba programming and training. If you read our reviews or speak with our clients you will quickly understand that all of our services are at the expert level. How else did we get to be the only 5-star rated Microsoft solutions provider with offices on both coasts.


expert Excel consultants


Expert Excel Consultants

As the name implies, we are expert Excel consultants. We are here to help you. Please tell us how we can do so.


  • At ExpertExcelConsultants.Com we are seasoned expert Excel Consultants and we provide expert Excel Consulting support services to business.
  • We do so either onsite or remotely, which ever fits your needs and budget.
  • We can work on either a project basis or hourly basis as well as working full time or part time, which ever is needed. We are here to support you, and to work when you need us, and pay us only when you need us = HUGE Savings
  • When it comes to being expert Excel consultants you can say we wrote the book on it, literally.


Our Excel Services- The Expert Excel Consultants
Microsoft Excel Macros (VBA) Microsoft 2010 PowerPivot
Pivot Tables, Pivot Charts Charts, Graphs, Reports, Analysis
Custom DashBoards Accounting, Finance Models
ScoreCards, Executive Summary
Calculations, Expressions, Formulas
Slicers, SparkLines Automation, Integration, Push-Button
Templates, Master Workbooks Access, PowerPoint, Word, Outlook, Integration




As expert Excel consultants and programmers we work with all of the great features in Excel, and Dashboards, scorecards, PowerPivots, Sparklines, Excel VBA, etc. You name it, we do it. And always at the expert level.