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It is estimates that over 12% of Microsoft Excel users use Excel on a Mac. From our experience, based on the Excel programming work that we do for our clients, we would say that the number is actually closer to 20%. There are a good number of clients that actually work in both Excel for Windows and Excel for the Mac, with on the same machine, or some machines have the Windows version and some have the Mac version.


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Did you know that the very first version of Microsoft Excel was for the Apple Mac? Yes, that is true. If you look at our post, The Story of Excel, you will see that the first release of Excel was in 1985 – Excel (For the Apple Macintosh).

The History of Microsoft Excel


Other Microsoft Office Applications for the Mac


We work in all of the Microsoft applications for the Mac, Excel included


Just as with the PC/Windows version of Microsoft Office, Microsoft Excel for the Mac allows you to write code (VBA/Macros) to integrate Excel with the rest of the Office Suite of applications for the Mac (Excluding 2008, limited in 2016).


The Mac versions of the Microsoft Office Suite contains most of the MS Office applications that are in the PC version, such as Word and Outlook. Oddly Microsoft Access is missing in the Mac release. Many organizations use Microsoft Access. So for it to be excluded, Mac offices must find a workaround if they want to use Excel with Access, Excel as the front-end, Access as the back-end.


If your organization needs an expert Excel consultant to provide professional Excel programming for Excel for the Mac services, contact us and we will help you today.


As expert Excel consultants and programmers we work in both the Windows version as well as the Mac versions