The Global Energy Industry


The Industry Industry is one of the largest industries in the world, we are happy to be part of that


We have worked with numerous energy companies such as Southern California Edison We have worked with Southern California for years now, a great company , an international energy conglomerate. They usually need help with Microsoft Excel, Access and Microsoft’s Power BI. The reason they use those Microsoft data driven applications is due to the sheer amount of BIG data they need to analyze and manipulate. Microsoft’s Power BI is the perfect solution for organizations with big amounts of data.


When you are dealing with what the Microsoft Excel experts call “BIG” data you need to find a firm that employs data scientists and visualization experts. Individuals that have the proper skills and knowledge to work with vast amounts of data, in the most advanced and efficient manner. At expert Excel consultants, that is exactly what we do. We have been doing that since the days prior to Microsoft’s release of Excel in 1985.