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how we work as expert Excel consultants


As expert Excel consultants we work with you, one-on-one, each and every step of the way, and you are always 100% involved. We guarantee that there are are no surprises when it comes to our expert Excel consultants work. We do as we say and we say as we do. Trust us to deliver.


Much of the time we work remotely, leveraging such powerful tools as GoToMeeting, Skype, and Box.Net. Working this way feels as if we are sitting side-by-side at your offices, but without the added costs, loss of time, and without a commute. This approach to work is what makes us a ‘Green’ company.


expert Excel consultants


With all of that said, our expert Excel consultants can work onsite as much as needed by you. Of course there are additional costs associated with onsite work. We can discuss those when we speak.

  • We work by the Hour or by the Project.
  • We work remotely, utilizing e-mail, phone, GoToMeeting, and Box.Net, to work virtually, side-by-side, via broadband technology.
  • We can work onsite, as needed by you.
  • We can work with a combination approach of onsite and offsite work, to keep your costs down as well.
  • We work on an as needed basis, working just when you need us, and only when you need us. This really keeps your costs down.
  • Please note: Long-term pricing is available.
  • Contact the Expert Excel Consultants today.


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