Why Should You Hire The Expert Excel Consultants?


Why Should You Hire The Internationally Operated Expert Microsoft Excel, Access and Power BI Consultants


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Why should you hire the expert Excel consultants


If you are looking to hire an expert Microsoft Excel consultant you might want to know what reasons you should, or for that matter, why you should not hire them.


To make this easier for organizations that have never done this before, or for those that have not successfully done this before, we have created a document on our sister site that describes exactly How To Hire An Excel Consultant, be it us or be it them. This document gives you all the info you need to know, to hire the right firm the first time, as hiring the wrong firm the first time means you need to hire a second, and possibly third firm. (You often get what you pay for, or less).



Why Should You Hire The Expert Excel Consultants


Here are a few of the reasons you should hire us:

  1. We Can Effectively Analyze The Strengths And Weaknesses In How Your Organization Uses The Microsoft Applications
  2. We Will Exceed Your Expectations; We Have a 5-Star Rating and an 83% Client Repeat Rate
  3. Our Staff Have Helped Thousands Of Clients; From Microsoft to The US Navy
  4. We Have Been A Microsoft Certified Partner Every Year Since 1994
  5. Our Corporation Has Been in Business for 25 Years, Founded in Orange County California, Offices in Irvine and Manhattan
  6. We Are Not A Low Budget Job Board, Not an After-Hours Freelancer, But a Fully Staffed International Corporation
  7. We Can Assist You With Microsoft Power BI
  8. Most Importantly, We Guarantee Our Work
  9. Even More Reasons Why You Should Hire Us


Microsoft Has Hired Us For Our Microsoft Power BI Programming Solutions.


Expert Microsoft Power BI Solutions


There are hundreds to thousands of reasons as to why should you hire the expert Excel consultants; One) We have over three hundred client testimonials, Two) The expert Excel consultants on our staff have as a group completed over 4,000 Excel projects.


So many reasons to hire the expert Excel consultants


We opened our doors for business 25 years ago and we have been exceeding client expectations since. Our staff have over 100 years of combined Excel programming experience.


We have been in operation since 1994, that is 25 years and counting, visit our Irvine or Manhattan offices


We developed many of the Microsoft Excel templates that you see in Excel and on the Microsoft website. For Excel 2013 two of our Microsoft Excel MVP’s worked on over 60% of them.


Our expert Excel consultants worked with Microsoft on Excel templates


When it comes to being experts in Microsoft Excel, Access, Word and Outlook, I guess you could say we wrote the book on it, literally. Our staff have published over 15 books on these topics. Many of our competitors have read these books to learn.


When it comes to being experts in Microsoft Excel, you can say we wrote the book on it, literally.


Our top Excel trainer has over 30 years of experience providing Microsoft Excel training. He also has over 55 Excel training videos on Lynda.Com, being one of the top two experts there.


These are just a few of the reasons you should hire us for our expert Excel consulting services.


If you want to learn how to successfully hire a Microsoft Excel consultant, this link will give you plenty of guidelines to consider.


If you would like to discuss your needs please contact us.